Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shopping Haul

I've never done a clothing haul photo before. First time for everything, am I right?
While shopping with Janey I only bought two things, I have a convention coming soon, and needed to be a smidgen frugal. But I am very happy with my purchases.

While at Buffalo Exchange, Janey and I tried on some really cute things, and when I was exiting the dressing room, one of the attendants was putting up a gorgeous dress up, and I bolted back in to try it on.


Needless to say it was love at first sight, and it came back with me. We both figured it's a late 30's early 40's dress, based on the construction, and shape.

Bound Buttonholes

I love the bound buttonholes, and the colors, it's complimenting on me. Every little detail on this dress is fascinating to me, and I hope to implement some aspects into future sewing projects.


When my mom saw it, she was happy with it being a raw silk dress, and quickly asked the price. $28 for this lovely frock. She believes it to be handmade, and loves how it's survived all this time. I just need to re sew the snaps on the collar, which will take no time at all. (I'll get a photo of me in this dress after SDCC)

The other purchase I got was a crinoline. it's got a bit of red staining on it on the other side, but it does it job with poofing a skirt out some. $10 at Thrift Traders in Ocean Beach.


I suppose one other thing from these adventures is a sense of camaraderie. It was very lovely to be able to hang out with another person who also loves Disney, vintage, and cosplay and have other things of interest to talk about. It was fun getting out of my bubble, visiting shops I usually don't visit, and getting a lot of tips. Janey is such a sweet and helpful person, I had such a blast playing tour guide to her, and I can't wait till our paths cross again!

Photos and cards

Have any of you made any nifty purchases lately? Hung out with blogger friends?

Be sure to check out Janeys finds!

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Hotel Del

On Tuesday Janey of Atomic Redhead and I popped to a few more vintage shops before headed to one of my citys most famous landmarks, The Hotel Del Coronado.

Hotel Del
(yes this is a shot from a parking lot, what of it?)

This hotel has had a quite a history in its many years. It's hosted presidents, royalty, famous authors, and the Hollywood elite. Due to its proximity to North Island Naval Air Station, it was utilized during WWII as housing. And those of you who are fans of Marilyn Monroe, yes, this is the 'Seminole Ritz' from Some Like it Hot.



We had a great time exploring the grounds of this hotel. Popping in an out of the shops, looking at the victory garden on the grounds, and getting ice cream before jumping in a photo booth.


Have any of you stayed at the Hotel Del before?

Be sure to read Janeys post as well!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hanging in Old Town

On Monday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Janey of Atomic Redhead.
We stopped off to Ocean Beach to visit a few shops, then got some In n Out before headed to Old Town San Diego.

Colorado House

I remembered Janeys love of Western things, so I figured this would be right up her alley. Needless to say, we both enjoyed ourselves.

Clothes Box




Jerky & Root beer

Then we sat down a bit with churros, talked about Disneyland, and plotted more adventures for the next day.





It was a blast playing tour guide at one of my favorite places, And we had a couple more days of adventuring as well. Be sure to read Janeys post as well!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Works in Progress

Earlier in the year I told myself I'd make myself lovely pieces of clothing, and blog about it. I've been slowly doing the making part, but slacking with the blogging. So I figured showing some of what I'm working on would help.


I'm sort of stuck on which fabric I should use for the blouse, though I could make two. The fabric on the left I received as a gift from a professor last fall semester, and it's incredibly soft, but quiet sheer. But, I'm sure a slip or nicely colored undershirt can help with that.

Simplicity dress

I originally intended to make this to see Casablanca during the TCM 20 event, but sadly the dress sat in a pile, and I actually never saw the movie that night. I was cleaning and found the instruction sheet, and I figured I can finish it up. It just needs sleeves, facing and hemming right now, so that can probably be done in a weekend.

circle skirt

I've been sitting on this circle skirt for a good bit of months, which is laughable considering how quick it is to work on a circle skirt from start to finish. But as of today, it's got the zipper installed. Just have to put the waistband, and hem it up. I think I'll work on it tomorrow, as I gotta have purple in the machine for a costume I'm working on.

I'm of course working on cosplay for SDCC, but photographing progress on those is a bit different. But, I will have oodles of selfies on my twitter and Instagram during the event, so be sure to check those out. I'll have a nice little blog post about it afterward, as I think you guys would be interested in that.

What are some of your works in progress? Are any of you going to Comic Con?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Few Finds

Hello everyone!
 This past Sunday I decided to get out of the house and travel to the San Diego Vintage Flea Market. A couple semesters ago a classmate told me about it, but I was unable to attend it due to having other things going on. But I am very glad I was able to go. I took public transit, ended up on the wrong bus first go around, but eventually made it, and left with a few treasures! Sadly I took no photos at the event, but I believe the next one is in November, so I'll see what I can do!

Big Haul

I scribbled up a simple list on Evernote, and was able to grab what I could from it. Clearly getting patterns was my main goal.

Blouse Pattern

I grabbed this pattern, and the gloves in the big haul photo from a booth which I stupidly forgot to grab a business card from. I'm wondering how a higher collared pattern would look on me.


Snagged these buttons from a very sweet vendor who chatted me up a bit. She was very happy to hear I sew my own clothing, and wished me luck in my endeavors. These are ceramic buttons, and I plan to add them to a dress I have planned later this year.

Duo Patterns

I was meandering down the the aisle and my patterns radar was kicked off. These were both in the same bag, and of course they needed to come with me. At the vendors stall, I saw a very gorgeous lucite purse, but I refrained from getting it, I decided to be good, and I'm not kicking myself over it so it worked!  The first patterns envelope was in a sad state, but all the pattern pieces were accounted for. Now to get some comics sleeves to protect them.

Oblong Box Top

Picking between the various offerings of the Oblong Box Shop booth was very difficult. I left and came back after a little bit of wandering about, and ended up taking the white Pinup Top home with me. Its a very cozy fit, and is quite versatile!

In the overview of my patterns, I found an extra little treasure. It's not that much, but it made me smile and wonder a bit.


Tucked inside this pattern instructions was a note from a lady who was taking home ecc in the 1950's. They seemed to be her class notes for this pattern. And I got to wondering, did she ever finish making the outfit? What colors did she choose? Did she love the end result? I suppose this is why I like history and old things, I always get to wondering about the past. Here is a close up of the note, if you're curious

And I have a question for you guys, have any of you been to a vintage flea market in your city, or anything similar? How was it?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Dapper Day 2014

On February 23rd, I attended my 3rd Dapper Day. (yes I went to last falls, I just never blogged about it. Oops.)

It was an interesting day all around. It was very packed that day, and I got a bit overwhelmed with the crowds, so I stole a friend and broke away quite a lot.


I acquired some yellow synthetic from a friend and made the dress as per the instructions, with the exception of shortening the bodice, skirt, and sleeves. (I'm fairly short). The pattern is Advance 9925.

Erin and I

I ran off with my sweet friend Erin for a bit to get some air, and to hop on the monorail, something I hadn't done in about 20 years.

On a Vespa

We ran around the Grand Californian for a bit, contemplated buying a Vespa and did some shopping.

Aimee and I

(photo from Jets stream)
I ran into my friends Aimee and Jet and snagged pictures with them.


Then we all piled in the car and headed back home. I only made one purchase from the Dapper Day boutiques, and it's those gloves. They are nice creme color, with pale yellow piping, and were made in West Germany!
I also snagged a parasol from New Orleans square, and was gifted a tie and pocket square from a sweet acquaintance from SDCC.

I can't wait for the next time I hit up Disney -cough- next week -cough-, and I totally can't wait for my next Dapper Day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rummage Sale Finds

On March 9th, I attended the annual Thursday Club Rummage sale. I usually go to this with my dad, but he was convinced I wouldn't wake early the first day, and was busy the second day. So I took up upon myself to go by myself, and I think I did a pretty damn good job with my finds.

Rummage Sale finds

I made a small list of things I wanted, and with the exception of patterns, and hats, I got all I was looking for.

Rummage Sale finds

I really like the handkerchiefs, two of which are silk.

Rummage Sale finds

The necklace is the hardest thing to photograph, but I captured the one important aspect of it. And I grabbed the last buttons at a table. The white ones will go on my Sew for Victory blouse!

Rummage Sale finds

That purse stayed there till I was about to leave, and I spent about an hour in the building, so clearly it was meant for me to have it. The gloves appeared the second time I went round the accessories table, and they fit perfectly. They're Van Raalte, and if I had to guess by the tag, maybe from the mid 1950's?

Have any of you made any happy finds at rummage sales and the like?


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