Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happiest Place on Earth

After having a bit of a difficult start of this month, my darling friends began to notice I wasn't my usual chipper self. After getting a text of 'What are you doing Monday?' and reminding with 'Nothing, holiday' I might have screeched upon reading 'Would you like to go to Disneyland?'

After coming to the conclusion that I won't be able to make Dapper Day this spring, I kinda shrugged off a Disneyland trip so soon. But my friends Tony and Erin really made sure that I would have a happy day.

TinyAngryCrafts Disneyland trip
I threw on the dress I got from the last flea market, and happily grinned in a sea of compliments the entire day. (Isn't Princess Jasmine adorable?!)

TinyAngryCrafts Disneyland trip, Minnie and Friends

We all got a quick shot with Minnie Mouse before she went off to be in the parade, and she let us know how much she liked mine and Erin's dresses. Then we ran off to the train.

TinyAngryCrafts 1950's dress, Disneyland

TinyAngryCrafts 1950's dress, Disneyland

TinyAngryCrafts 1950's dress, Disneyland

Outfit Details
Dress- San Diego Vintage Flea Market
Hat- Flashbacks
Earrings- Swap Meet
Gloves- Chronically Vintage
Purse- Rummage Sale
Shoes- Ross
Parasol- Disneyland

TinyAngryCrafts Lady and the Tramp Disneybound
 I don't care this is blurry, look how cute Erin and Tony are with their Lady and the Tramp Disneybounds!
TinyAngryCrafts Captain America and friends

TinyAngryCrafts Captain America and friends

We hung out with Captain America for a little bit. He 'really liked our outfits, because it reminded him of his time' D'aww.

TinyAngryCrafts Thor and friends

Then we hung out with Thor. He wanted 'the two princesses to strike warrior poses'. Erin and I take being warriors very seriously.

After that, we met up with Janey and Patrick for food, and a quick ride on Indy. Then we scampered to ride on Tower of Terror, then headed back home.

 I got a lot of sweet pep talks in regard to my computer issues for my Vintage Black History Month, and my lack of desire to blog after that. I really appreciate the kind people I've been surrounding myself with, in person and on the internet. As I work on this project all over again, I'll be thinking of their lovely smiling faces.

Have your friends recently surprised you when you were feeling down? Did they grab you and take you to one of your favorite places?

EDITED TO ADD- We got asked if it were Dapper Day a lot. I heard so many 'Oh man, is it Dapper Day, I missed it!'s.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tiny Apologies

Hello All.

Here we are in the second week of February, and if you haven't noticed, things have been quiet here. Life decided to do it's usual 'I'm going to screw all these nice things you planned up' thing. A lot has happened, and has left me extremely overwhelmed, but my family and close friends are cheering me on. (especially my mom, who reads my blog. Thanks mom.)

I have to re-research, and re-write my Vintage Black History Month series as the flash drive I had the info on become corrupted, then got lost. So, worry not you'll get the series, just not encompassing the entire month of February, it'll spill into March.

I don't mind it spilling over into March, personally. February is such a short month, and there are so many things you can learn throughout the year.

So, to tide you over until I just do cute mini blurbs instead of the huge sweeping mini essays I wrote, have me as a wannabe flapper.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Vintage Black History Month

I decided to do something a little different for my blog, and have a little series of posts relating to something close to my heart.

Vintage Black History Month via TinyAngryCrafts

Growing up, during the month of February, I would often find solace in researching famous Black people for Black History Month. I'd spend countless hours in the library, copying photos, and writing papers on Black people who in some way, shape, or form have done something to impact society. As I got older, I would see less and less of it in school. I recall one year in High School, the most it got was a 90 minutes long assembly in the auditorium, which had some glaring historical inaccuracies.

When my younger sister was in school, we filled her binder up with loads of facts so she can share with her fellow classmates, but when she got home she told us the school said, "We have a photo up of Martin Luther King, and we will have an assembly at the end of the month." My grandmother, mother, and I ended up teaching her as much as we could about the past.

As a Black woman who loves vintage fashion, I rarely see anything on blogs showcasing some fashion forward Black women of the past. So, I decided to do something about it. 

Vintage Black History Month via TinyAngryCrafts

During Black History Month, I will go from the 20's-50's, talk about one famous fashionable Black woman, and give some of her story. And I will show you how to do some of their trademark hairstyles.

 I am excited to take you on this journey with me!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Vintage Tag

I decided to the Vintage Tag that was super popular a few years back, and I decided to do it in video form!

If you don't want to look at the main youtube/don't know their pages, I tagged:

I'm thinking of doing some more videos, what videos would you be interested in?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Review: Besame Cosmetics Red Velvet Lipstick

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

You know how you can be an admirer of something and not own it? That was me with Besame Cosmetics When I heard they provided makeup for the ABC show Agent Carter, I was over the moon! I had intended to cosplay Peggy Carter, and I needed to know what her signature color was. A few days after it was made public, I made my first purchase. 

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

I wore the lipstick right after receiving it, and I fell in love. The packaging, the shape of the tube, all of it made me very happy, and feel absolutely glamorous.  Red Velvet is a gorgeous color reminiscent of the mid 40's, and I was very happy at how it looks with my complexion.

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

It’s a very smooth application process. I use the pointed edge of the lipstick to line my lips, and then fill it all out. I then blot with a tissue, and go about my way!
It keeps my lips very hydrated, and the only time I experienced dryness, is when it was an exceptionally windy day. I combated that by wiping some lipstick away, and re-applying.

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

It should be known, this lipstick will get on everything. There are little tips and tricks to get your lipstick to not end up being your next way of marking your territory, but I didn't feel like utilizing them. Though, I will say, it makes an amazing kiss mark, and lasts through out the day of eating and being very animated.

Besame Cosmetics Review and Agent Carter cosplay

I hope to have photos of my Peggy Carter cosplay up fairly soon, so you all can see it in action!

Thank you all for reading!

Note- This product was purchased with my own money, I am receiving no compensation from Besame Cosmetics for this review. I have used an affiliate link in this post.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

To sew in 2015

So last year, I pulled a list a bit after the new year of random things I needed to sew. I of course didn't even make a dent on that list. But for this year, I'll work from that list, and add more. I had considered attributing these to months to help me keep a better schedule, but I know that I won't stick to it.

I'd really like to make at least one full garment from each of my as of today stash of vintage patterns, so I'll impose something of a vintage pledge for 2015.

Blouse from Simplicity 7886
Suit from Butterick 4184
Suit from DuBarry 5411
Set from McCalls 6413
Set from Simplicity 4292
Dress from Simplicity 2817
Shirt from Simplicity 4935

TinyAngryCrafts- vintage sewing patterns for 2015

Yes, that is a lot, I didn't include two patterns I've made complete garments from. But I'm sure I'll have a nice closet of things I'd like to wear.

As for not vintage patterns, and just general things I'd like to make I have the following:

Wearing History Smooth Sailing Togs
A couple more Va-Voom Vintage bullet bras
Circle skirts
Wiggle Dress

Now for my UFO pile:
Black Simplicity reissue dress
Pencil skirt

Thankfully I've decided to start something of a fabric stash for myself, so I can work from that for the new things.

What are you all working on for this year?


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