Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vintage Pajama Party Giveaway Prizes

I like to think the Vintage Pajama Party was a first time success. Pretty sure if I do it again, it would be not during some major fall/winter holidays so more people can participate.

Now as a thank you to those lovely people who participated, I am offering up a nice set of giveaway prizes.

giveaway prizes for vintage pajama party

All the cute and lovely prizes.

giveaway prizes for vintage pajama party

A hairnet from 1964. The color for it is grey, but I'm sure it would look cute on your hair, should you want to use it.

giveaway prizes for vintage pajama party

Some super cute vintage buttons. You can add to your collection, or add them to some cute outfit.

giveaway prizes for vintage pajama party

A cute (handpainted?) handkerchief.  The 'M' can stand for 'Magnificent' if your name doesn't start with  the letter.

giveaway prizes for vintage pajama party

Covergirl Outlast lipstick. This is one of my new favorite things, if you see my instagram selfies from the past few months, I've probably been wearing it in it. Janey reviewed it on her blog.

Yes, pajama sew along participants, all of these can be yours!

To enter:

-Must have your completed pajamas on the flickr group by the now passed deadline(December 14th 2014).

-Comment with your flickr username, your name, and your email address.

That's it!

This giveaway will end 11pm PST on December 23rd.

Oh, and if my dear sewists can send me an email of their pajamas being worn, and some little blurb about how you enjoyed the sew along, or what things you learned along the way? I plan to scribble up a little showcasing blog post!

Note- I purchased all prizes with my own money, and am receiving no compensation for them.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Vintage Pajama Party is Over!

Thank you all so very much for participating in the Vintage Pajama Party! It was the very first sew along I've hosted, and I feel so grateful for you all.

It was awesome watching you all create some gorgeous vintage jammies to be nice and cozy in. And for some of you, this was a great stepping stone to get out of your comfort zone, and working with vintage patterns. For myself it was a HUGE accomplishment to do something I've wanted to for the past two years, having other people who were gung-ho made it all the worth while.

Sadly, I didn't even participate in my own sew along. I've mentioned before I'm a student, and my education comes first. I probably should have done this sometime next year so I wouldn't be wedged between midterms and finals, but I'll make my pajamas during my winter break. I'll also be making a couple of costumes which I'll show off after I wear them.

The next post will have all the giveaway details, and to be eligible, you must post your finished pajamas to the flickr group!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Vintage Pajama Party has been extended!

Now I could have sworn I posted this up over the Thanksgiving break, but alas due to being sick, I did not.

Extended Pajama Party

I've decided to extend the Pajama Party another week! If any of you want to attempt to make a night gown in a week, feel free!

So you have till December 13th at the end of the day to put your finished garment in the flickr pool.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to tie a vintage style turban

Lately, I've taken a liking to using scarves to tie my hair up on a bad hair day. On a recent photo set, Emileigh asked if I could do a tutorial for this turban style, and here we are today.

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

Now this simple tutorial can help you save yourself from a dreaded bad hair day, or just give a bit more oomph to your vintage outfit.

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

You will need:
A long rectangular scarf
Bobby pins
Rats tail comb
Regular comb

Optional (and not shown):
Duck clips
Hair spray
Hair ties

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

You might also need a person with hair, just saying.

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

Start by sectioning off some hair to style for later. Then pin it down, or use a duck clip to keep it out of the way.

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

Next, comb and brush your hair back and tuck it under if you've got manageable thick hair. If not, tie it in a hair tie.

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

Now take your scarf, and place it under your hair on the back of your head. Even it out 

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

Pull the back up some, and pull the sides up to the front of your head. Tie it behind the area you intend to style. Fix any parts of your hair that have decided to escape with the rats tail comb

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

Straighten out one tail end of the scarf, 

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

Then pull it to the back, continuing to straighten it out.

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

Tuck it under the bottom part, and repeat on the other side.

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

Style your hair as needed; pin curls, victory rolls, whatever you want to do.

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

1940's turban hair tutorial by Tiny Angry Crafts

And you're done! Admire your cute hair scarf, and perfectly awesome way to disguise laziness or a bad hair day!

I hope all of you are having a good day today. If you celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving!

Are there any other tutorials you'd like to see from me? Do you have a favorite hair scarf?

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Victory Knit

As you recall from a previous post, I knit myself a sweater! A sweater I'm actually proud of!

tinyangrycrafts vintage knit sweater V for Victory

I used the 3-Hour sweater pattern, and it took me a couple months to create it.

tinyangrycrafts vintage knit sweater V for Victory

I'm pretty sure if I actually measured it in terms of knitting time, and not the days I set my knitting down, it probably would have been a couple of days.

tinyangrycrafts vintage knit sweater V for Victory

I followed the pattern to a T, and the only thing I changed,aside from adding in the color work, was knitting the sleeve patterns the opposite way. The written way was very confusing to me.
The pattern itself ended up very very short on me, thanks to my chest. But I rather like it. I have to wear a shirt under it though.

tinyangrycrafts vintage knit sweater V for Victory

I first wore the sweater to the SD Vintage Flea Market, and a lot of people thought it was an authentic vintage sweater, which made me very happy. When I told them I made it, they were very excited and impressed.
The second time I wore it was the day I took the photos to school. Loads of compliments, and 'where'd you get it?'

Outfit Details

Scarf- Melrose Flea Market
Earrings- VaVoomVintage's instagram sale
Sweater- Made by me
Skirt- Made by me
Bangles- Various
Socks- Target
Shoes- Ross

It was my first time doing something with a lot of colorwork in it. I was inspired by WWII-era patriotism, and the whole Make Do and Mend movement. I frogged this yarn from two different projects, and the red and blue came from scrap balls of yarn.

I sketched up the sweater on a scrap of paper in class, then gathered up a lot of graph paper. The pieces were color coded, and stitched up according to how'd they fit on the pattern.

I mostly worked on this during my breaks at school, a lot of people were curious as to why I'd knit a sweater when I could just buy one. (Surprisingly, a lot of these people who asked were fellow fashion majors. Go figure.) I love challenging myself, and putting my heart into a project.

I know I'll use this pattern again, in fact, I'm charting up another pattern for one, and I can't wait to get the yarn for it. I'm thinking of getting Knit Picks yarn, as I'd like to have a nice wool sweater .

Knitting Details
Yarn: 100% Acrylic yarn. Vanna's Choice in Mustard, Scarlett and Colonial Blue
Pattern: 3-Hour Sweater
Year: 1930's
Notions: Plastic button from stash
How historically accurate is it? Eh, pretty accurate, despite it being made with acrylic. I'm sure some person in the 40's would use a past pattern, and add colorwork to it. Make Do and Mend, ya know?
Any tricky parts to the pattern?  Well, the sleeve knitting was a bit tricky, so I reversed how it was done. And the seaming was sort of difficult, but I figured it out. And not so much the patterns fault, but the 'C' was supposed to be more centered.
Did you change anything?  Sleeve knitting method.
Time to complete: Couple months.
First worn: November 2014
Total cost: I don't remember. I used yarn from past projects
Notes: I LOVE the sweater, but I'm sure when I knit it again, and I most certainly will, I'll make it longer.

Have any of you knit anything recently? Have you made anything with colorwork?

Monday, November 10, 2014

My Pajama Party Plans

Thanks to being a student, my education comes first, so I still have my ideas sitting about (good show  me, for my own sew along. oops.)

vintage pajama sew along pattern

vintage pajama sew along pattern back

I intend to use this 1943 Simplicity pajama pattern. It's un-printed, and from quickly skimming over the instructions, this will prove a bit of a challenge for me. But it's nothing I can't handle.
I'll be making view 1, as it's finally getting cool down here.

vintage pajama sew along pattern notions

As I looked over the pattern, I noticed there are no suggestions for fabric! I'm not too sure when pattern companies started to add them. I'll overlook my small vintage pattern stash and see which ones have it. And if anyone knows, do let me know!

And something that will really be a bit of a challenge for me.

vintage pajama sew along robe plans

Yes that is a rough sketch of a robe, and its pattern pieces. Yes, I have delusions of grandeur to make a robe pattern. I have a bunch of tracing paper, and a good pattern making book, I'm also taking classes on how to do it. So, that little adventure should be fun! I'm sure if you follow me on twitter, you'll see a lot of me complaining about it soon.

I still need to get fabric. I'm sure I'll have it by weeks end. I also have to get another bolt of muslin. My class has me using it a lot, so I need some for class projects, as well as personal ones. I'm sort of leaning toward pastel colors for my pajamas, though that can change.

So to those of you who are doing the sew along, what are your plans?


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