Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Vintage Tag

I decided to the Vintage Tag that was super popular a few years back, and I decided to do it in video form!

If you don't want to look at the main youtube/don't know their pages, I tagged:

I'm thinking of doing some more videos, what videos would you be interested in?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Review: Besame Cosmetics Red Velvet Lipstick

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

You know how you can be an admirer of something and not own it? That was me with Besame Cosmetics When I heard they provided makeup for the ABC show Agent Carter, I was over the moon! I had intended to cosplay Peggy Carter, and I needed to know what her signature color was. A few days after it was made public, I made my first purchase. 

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

I wore the lipstick right after receiving it, and I fell in love. The packaging, the shape of the tube, all of it made me very happy, and feel absolutely glamorous.  Red Velvet is a gorgeous color reminiscent of the mid 40's, and I was very happy at how it looks with my complexion.

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

It’s a very smooth application process. I use the pointed edge of the lipstick to line my lips, and then fill it all out. I then blot with a tissue, and go about my way!
It keeps my lips very hydrated, and the only time I experienced dryness, is when it was an exceptionally windy day. I combated that by wiping some lipstick away, and re-applying.

Besame Cosmetics Review via Tiny Angry Crafts

It should be known, this lipstick will get on everything. There are little tips and tricks to get your lipstick to not end up being your next way of marking your territory, but I didn't feel like utilizing them. Though, I will say, it makes an amazing kiss mark, and lasts through out the day of eating and being very animated.

Besame Cosmetics Review and Agent Carter cosplay

I hope to have photos of my Peggy Carter cosplay up fairly soon, so you all can see it in action!

Thank you all for reading!

Note- This product was purchased with my own money, I am receiving no compensation from Besame Cosmetics for this review. I have used an affiliate link in this post.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

To sew in 2015

So last year, I pulled a list a bit after the new year of random things I needed to sew. I of course didn't even make a dent on that list. But for this year, I'll work from that list, and add more. I had considered attributing these to months to help me keep a better schedule, but I know that I won't stick to it.

I'd really like to make at least one full garment from each of my as of today stash of vintage patterns, so I'll impose something of a vintage pledge for 2015.

Blouse from Simplicity 7886
Suit from Butterick 4184
Suit from DuBarry 5411
Set from McCalls 6413
Set from Simplicity 4292
Dress from Simplicity 2817
Shirt from Simplicity 4935

TinyAngryCrafts- vintage sewing patterns for 2015

Yes, that is a lot, I didn't include two patterns I've made complete garments from. But I'm sure I'll have a nice closet of things I'd like to wear.

As for not vintage patterns, and just general things I'd like to make I have the following:

Wearing History Smooth Sailing Togs
A couple more Va-Voom Vintage bullet bras
Circle skirts
Wiggle Dress

Now for my UFO pile:
Black Simplicity reissue dress
Pencil skirt

Thankfully I've decided to start something of a fabric stash for myself, so I can work from that for the new things.

What are you all working on for this year?

Friday, January 2, 2015

Blog Resolutions for 2015


I think I'll try to be a bit more keen on my resolutions, which is why I'm just going to put up ones for my blogging presence to keep things a bit less stressful. So for 2015, I chose these really simple resolutions

  • PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHING. I'm notoriously bad about forgetting my camera, or giving people a crash course in learning how to use it. Now I have a smart phone, but I really like the editing process for photos from my camera.

  • Post more often. This includes writing posts in advance, and trying to do some features. I am also considering doing reviews of things I like.

  • Don't be afraid to talk to fellow bloggers. I've made so many new acquaintances last year; I need to just keep at it. We all like similar things, so that's a good conversation starter.

  • Document my creations. I'm sooooo bad at this. I'm trying to get better at it. That also includes reviewing the pattern, and talking about the hard parts to it.

I think this is a very simple list I can stick to. Nothing huge and full of grandeur, just really easy goals any blogger can seek to do.

How about you all, what are your resolutions; blogging or otherwise?

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Made in 2014 and Giveaway winner!

This year I said I would make myself some clothes to fill my closet with things that make me happy.

Juggling life, school, and a blog, I have to say I did pretty alright for myself. For 2015, I'll be more vigilant in documenting what I make so I can link back to them in a nicer fashion.

Sewn items.

2014 Spring Dapper Day Dress by tinyangrycrafter

2014 Spring Dapper Day Dress by tinyangrycrafter

Dapper Day Dress. (And the post all about it)
I had such a blast making this. I've worn it a couple more times since it's debut at Disneyland, and it's always getting compliments.

TinyAngryCrafter Sew for Victory outfit

Sew for Victory ensemble.
This is one of my go to outfits. I clearly need to make the blouse pattern about 50 more times, it's comfy and goes with everything.

vintage peasant blouse by tinyangrycrafter

Peasant blouses.
I made myself a cute light blue one, and it's perfect for summer and a Southern California fall. I also made one for a friend, but it's a gift. She'll get it after new years.

Bullet Bra.
I used Brittany from VaVoom Vintage's pattern, and it's SUCH A COMFY BRA! I made two so-far, and will totally be making more.(for those of you who are scratching your heads, a lot of the vintage patterns and clothing were cut with the fashion of the time in mind, so modern bras will have ill fit)
I have two other ones cut out, and will work on them soon. The muslin I made works perfectly, wonky stitches and all. The second one is equally comfortable and looks fancy. I think I'll maybe make the band longer, something akin to a longline bra, if I'm successful I'll show my progress.

Pattern Making final.
For part of my final for my pattern making course, we had to make a garment from a pattern block for ourselves, or another person. I made myself a cute 40's inspired dress with a detachable cape. Now I messed up in a couple places, but I will most certainly be making this again. It's too cute not to.

Knitted goods.
I didn't get to make as many knitted items as I thought, but I did pretty alright!

V for Victory sweater by tinyangrycrafter

Now I've blogged about this, and I still want to make this about 20 times more, just longer.

knitted snood by tinyangrycrafter

knitted snood by tinyangrycrafter

I need more cute yarn colors for this fun versatile accessory. I think next year I'll so some cute styling tips for a snood as well. Might even sell some if I feel up to it.

Here's to me making more awesome things in the new year! What about you all, what did you create this year?

Oh, and the winner to the giveaway is:

Dixie O'Dare!!! Congrats, Dixie!

Please send me an email with your address, and I'll try to get you your prize ASAP!

Thank you, and congrats to everyone who entered. I'll be figuring more fun giveaways for the future!

Monday, December 29, 2014

I see Wonderful Things

Being very close to Balboa Park has a lot of perks, lots of gorgeous gardens and museums with amazing exhibits are definitely high on that list.
Upon hearing about the King Tut exhibit at the San Diego Natural History museum, I know I wanted to hit it up after the semester ended. So yesterday, I met up with Janey of Atomic Redhead, and her husband Patrick to take a little trip back in time to view one of the most famous discoveries of the past century.

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

Now, the exhibit was made up of very faithful restorations, which I was extremely impressed by. The amount of excruciating detail went into making every piece look exactly like the original is utterly astounding. It made me want to travel to Egypt to see the originals more and more.

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

TinyAngryCrafter- King Tut Exhibit outing

After looking at more exhibits at the museum, we meandered about to get some photos for our blogs. Some of which resulted in some fun lady adventurer poses.

TinyAngryCrafter- hanging with AtomicRedHead

Lovely Janey amongst nature.

TinyAngryCrafter lady adventurer style with AtomicRedHead

TinyAngryCrafter lady adventurer style with AtomicRedHead

TinyAngryCrafter-1940's lady adventurer style

TinyAngryCrafter-1940's lady adventurer style

TinyAngryCrafter-1940's lady adventurer style

TinyAngryCrafter-1940's lady adventurer style

Outfit Details
Hat- Papaya
Horus earrings- SDNHM gift shop
Linen mens shirt- Some thrift store ages ago
Belt- Grandma
Trousers- Goodwill
Boots- Target
Purse- San Diego Rummage Sale
Bangles- Various
Shawl- School

TinyAngryCrafter lady adventurer style with AtomicRedHead

TinyAngryCrafter lady adventurer style with AtomicRedHead

I had such a blast hanging with Janey. I'm grateful for overcoming my shyness and meeting her through blogging. It's always fun connecting with someone you have so much in common with, and having a chance to hang with them is always great!
I can't wait to hang with her again!

Have any of you gone to your local museums lately? What exhibits did you see?

Be sure to check out Janeys post about the day!


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